How does Laser engraving work?

You must be wondering how 3D crysty gifty team turns an ordinary photo into a fabulous 3D image? Also, how do we engrave your pictures inside the crystal without even damaging the surface? Here we are going to tell you the step-by-step procedure of how we actually create the beautiful custom crystal products for you.

Converting your 2D Photo into Digital 3D Model

Initially, we require a good-quality photo according to the crystal you chose. We add images and text if you want, we even add paw prints so you can connect with your beloved pet if you want.  So, once we received the image, we carefully screen the photo for anything that could potentially cause a flaw in the crystal engraving, such as blurriness or poor lighting. 

Once our team approves your photo, our designers enhance it for the 3D conversion process. They use specialized photo editing software to remove the background of your image and clean up any small imperfections. 

Then, we upload the final enhanced image into our 3D conversion program, which builds a digital 3D model from your photo.

The 3D Laser Engraving Machine:

This is where the real magic begins. Once we finalize a 3D model of your photo, we use state-of-the-art laser technology to plot the light points in your image to map out the coordinates for your 3D engraving. 

When we’re ready to start engraving, we place the crystal of your choice into our 3D laser engraving machines. This machine follows the instructions and makes tiny cracks in the desired format. This machine works with two lasers, and where the 2 laser meets it simply forms a tiny crack and the laser repeats that trough 2 to 4 million times and it’s the tiny crack that actually makes up the image in the crystal for your final product. The process is repeated until we reach building a desired 3D image. 

Once the process is completed, our team makes sure that there are no cracks that can lead to long-term damage. That’s it! here you go with your stunning crystal with a memory that long last forever.