What is subsurface laser engraving (SSLE)?

The main difference between subsurface laser engraving (SSLE) and standard engraving methods is that SSLE creates three-dimensional images, unlike surface engraving, which is two-dimensional. Using all three dimensions greatly expands the engraving capabilities and ultimately results in more dynamic etchings.

You have probably seen those cool crystal cubes that have super detailed 3D engraved images (a car, a horse, a flower, a logo, etc.) magically “floating” inside crystals. If you have, you’ve no doubt picked it up for a closer look and wondered, “Wow! How on earth did they do that?”

This process is called “3D subsurface laser engraving,” and it is a super cool technology that you might not hear a lot about. Subsurface crystal engraving is nothing new. It’s been around for a long time, but it has to be one of the least used and least understood techniques in the engraving world. 

It all began in 1987 with a Russian scientist, Prof. M.J. Soileau, but the technology was so expensive it didn’t gain much traction. However, In the early 2000s, the Chinese took this technology to a new level with machines, that although still expensive, were far less expensive than the Russian lasers.

3D subsurface laser engraving is a fascinating technology and one that produces beautiful products that aren’t possible with any other method. It is just the most innovative way to preserve and display your favorite photos. It brings your memories to life with realistic depth and stunning motion inside a luxury keepsake designed to last for over a lifetime! You must be thinking to preserve your favorite memory in one of our stunning crystals, so what are you waiting for, just search for your favorite crystal shape and engrave your precious memory in it to keep it preserved for a lifetime.

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